World Championship in

 Zagreb 11 May 2019


IBFF Fit Kids World Championship 2019 was held in ‘Dom sportova’ in Zagreb, Croatia on May 11. It is the first IBFF Fit Kids world championship. The main purpose of this unique event was to gather the best dancers from all around the world. It promotes the sporting behavior, respect for other people and cultures. It was recognized and supported by Croatian President and Zagreb Mayor.


The contestants from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Montenegro, competed in 6 disciplines; Fit Kids, Acro Dance, Fitness Dance, Aerobic Dance, Kids Fitness Stamina and Pole Dance. Top three countries were Croatia (1st place), Hungary (2nd place) and Italy (3rd place).

Judges were: Slobodanka Tintor (Head Judge, IBFF Fit Kids President, Croatia), Matija Novosel (Croatia), Neval Celebioglu Akgurgen (North Cyprus), Mustafa Akgurgen (Turkey), Ditta Bak-Beres (Hungary) and Aleksandra Rapajic (Serbia).



European Championship in

 Belgrade 9 March 2019


IBFF Fit Kids European Championship was held in Belgrade on 9 March 2019, organized by IBFF Fit Kids Serbia president, Aleksandra Rapajić. Teams from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Hungary and Macedonia performed at the European Championship.


Judges were Zsuzska Csapo from Hungary, Matija Novosel from Croatia and Aleksandra Rapajić from Serbia. There were 5 disciplines at this championship: Fit Kids Acro dance Fitness, dance Fitness stamina Aerobic dance The largest team was Serbia, on the second place Croatia and third place Bosnia and Herzegovina.


First place in total won team Croatia, second team Serbia and team Bosnia and Herzegovina won the third place. We want to say thank you to all of the teams participating and see you all at the World Championship in Zagreb.


IBFF Fit Kids President Slobodanka Tintor

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